How 10 Restaurant Brands Topped the Charts on Positive Consumer Perceptions

By Chrissy Ockerbloom
August 07, 2015

 The YouGov Brand Index recently came out with their 2015 mid-year review of the public's perception of brands across all industries. Every day YouGov interviews over 5,000 people asking them one simple question - have you heard anything positive...
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3 Simple Ways to Boost Engagement in your Restaurant Loyalty Programs

By Chrissy Ockerbloom
August 03, 2015

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Should Restaurant Training go Virtual? Jon Taffer says, Yes.

By Chrissy Ockerbloom
July 24, 2015

Some of you might know Jon Taffer, the internationally recognized restaurant owner, operator and concept developer. He's the mastermind behind the popular show, Bar Rescue, and has given over 30 bars the tools to build a successful operation....
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5 Must-See Restaurant Technologies at NRA Show 2015

By Sydney Youngblood
May 17, 2015

With only a few days to explore the  2,000+ vendors vying for your attention at this year’s NRA Show 2015, how will you decide which restaurant technologies get your time? Research and planning will allow you to get the most out of your...
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9 Restaurant Technology Predictions By Industry Experts In 2015

By Masen Ewald
January 30, 2015

You see them every year-- new restaurant technology predictions from industry publications and trusted thought-leaders like Ron Ruggless, Paul Barron, Aaron Allen, Brenda Rick Smith, and many others who live on the pulse of today's news and trends
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5 Reasons Restaurants Should Accept Mobile Payments

By Kristen Gramigna
January 23, 2015

Still of the mindset that your business is doing just fine accepting traditional payment methods, which may include cash only, or an affixed point-of-sale system? The following perspectives underscore how much of an impact mobile payments can...
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2015 Restaurant Technology Buyer's Guide

By Masen Ewald
January 16, 2015

Over the past year, Rockbot has closely monitored the growth, development and deployment of new tech trends to help the industry’s leading brands adopt systems that actually impact their business. The result is our 2015 Restaurant Technology...
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Do More Than Fill Dead Air: Put On-Premise Music To Work For Your Brand

By Christopher Ezell
November 07, 2014

Forward-thinking casual restaurant brands are increasingly developing branded social and mobile applications to enrich customer experience, increase engagement, and ultimately gain a competitive edge. From valet parking, reservations and coupons...
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9 Reasons To Get Your Restaurant Employees on Social Media

By Connie Lin
April 24, 2014

What if we told you there's a restaurant marketing strategy that is modern, low touch, highly effective, and – most notably – free? In fact, it runs off a scalable resource your company has directly in hand – your restaurant employees. From your...
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The Evolution of the Jukebox: Top 15 Moments in Jukebox History

By Lara Rosenbaum
April 14, 2014

What happened to the jukebox? You remember it: the giant machine in the corner of the pizza joint, its glass smeared and scratched from eager music-loving hands, the pages of oldies and top-40 hits that you flipped through with your friends. It...
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