Rockbot Appoints Rose Ferraro as Senior Vice President of Advertising

Oakland, CA | May 22, 2024 - Rockbot, the leader in on-premise digital media and advertising solutions for brick-and-mortar businesses, proudly announces the appointment of Rose Ferraro as Senior Vice President of Advertising.  Rose brings a wealth of experience and leadership to Rockbot’s advertising division, where she will spearhead the continued growth of the company’s in-store Retail Media Networks (RMNs) and innovative advertising solutions and partnerships.  

Throughout her career, Rose has been at the forefront of numerous media transformations, expertly shepherding brands and marketers through uncharted, yet innovative territory. She has been instrumental in launching many first-to-market branded integrations in the early days of social media.

Additionally, Rose has created award-winning long-form branded content, spearheaded the launch of FAST monetization within the lifestyle category, and evangelized for improved measurements and transparency across all distribution touch points. Her expertise positions her perfectly to lead Rockbot through this crucial inflection point in the digital transformation of OOH advertising.

“We are excited to have Rose at the helm of our rapidly growing advertising division,” said Garrett Dodge, CEO of Rockbot. “With our media footprint reaching nearly one billion visits each month, and advertisers clamoring for new ways to reach consumers through retail media, the timing is right to supercharge our advertising team – and Rose does just that".

"I am excited to join the Rockbot team and spearhead the growth of the advertising division," said Rose Ferraro. "I look forward to helping our retail media partners, businesses, and brands create immersive in-store advertising experiences. With Rockbot's broad reach across countless businesses that leverage our Music, TV, Digital Signage, and Advertising solutions, we have a unique opportunity to revolutionize how brands connect with their customers."

Rockbot is at the intersection of multiple large-scale media transformations - the digitization and connectivity of real-world spaces and what has now become an ad race to create, buy, and sell Retail Media and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising real estate.  Rose Ferraro's leadership will be instrumental in capitalizing on those opportunities and shaping the future of digital media in the real world. 


About Rockbot:

Rockbot helps businesses, brands, and places succeed by empowering them to deliver better customer experiences and build stronger connections through media in their real-world spaces. Rockbot’s unified multi-product platform powers Music, Audio Messaging, Digital Signage, and Streaming TV for many of the world’s largest brands and thousands of small businesses across North America, allowing them to easily manage all of their on-premise media experiences from one place.  Across the platform, advertising, retail media, and ad-tech solutions enable businesses to have more ways to generate revenue and monetize their environments while enabling brands to more effectively reach consumers everywhere they go.  

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