Place Exchange Partners with Rockbot to Expand Programmatic Video Out of Home

Place Exchange adds Rockbot’s array of placed-based TV screens to its Digital Out of Home offering, enabling TV advertisers to extend audience reach.


New York, NY (May 12, 2022) – Place Exchange, the leading supply-side platform for programmatic Out of Home (OOH) media, announced a partnership with Rockbot, a pioneer in the media-for-business industry, providing multi-channel video streaming content for brick-and-mortar businesses.

Rockbot’s expansive and growing Digital OOH (DOOH) network is designed to bring highly relevant TV to consumers in contextually relevant places. Rockbot TV screens—programmed with content from top network providers—reach consumers in gyms, airports, salons, spas, and retail locations across the US. The partnership with Place Exchange will enhance marketers’ ability to extend their video advertising campaigns to additional DOOH inventory via the same demand-side platforms (DSPs) used to run programmatic video campaigns in online, mobile, social, and CTV.

“With the rise of DOOH, it is inevitable that CTV and DOOH will merge into a growth vertical,” commented Henry Embleton, Head of Advertising at Rockbot. “Partnering with Place Exchange will enable more CTV & DOOH advertisers to capture a growing audience of unique, hard-to-reach consumers for our advertising partners.”

“We’ve seen programmatic video OOH spending increase dramatically in the past year,” commented Nick Bennett, SVP of Partnerships at Place Exchange. “As demand for high-quality video inventory continues to grow, we are thrilled to offer advertisers access to Rockbot inventory.”


About Rockbot

Rockbot, founded in 2010, is a pioneer in the media-for-business industry, providing a robust product suite of TV, music, audio, messaging, and digital signage solutions. Rockbot’s primary mission to empower businesses, brands, and places to deliver better customer experiences—and stronger consumer connections—through media in their real-world spaces comes to life with the DOOH offering allowing advertisers to reach consumers, on-the-go. Over 35,000 businesses across the US trust Rockbot’s streaming media services providing advertisers with a reach of nearly 33 million viewers a month. For more information visit


About Place Exchange

Place Exchange is the leading SSP for programmatic out-of-home media. Integrated with omnichannel DSPs, Place Exchange’s patented technology uniquely offers agencies and advertisers the opportunity to fully unify buying and measurement of OOH media with other digital channels, leveraging the same workflow, creatives, reporting, and attribution as for online and mobile advertising. Place Exchange’s unmatched premium supply ecosystem adheres to its Place Exchange Clear certification program that delivers buyers quality, consistency, transparency, and compliance. For OOH media partners, Place Exchange offers the opportunity to access untapped programmatic ad spend with full transparency and control. AdExchanger named Place Exchange a 2020 and 2021 Programmatic Power Player. For more information about Place Exchange, visit

Sarah Fruy

Sarah Fruy is an entrepreneurial marketing executive with nearly 20 years of B2B and B2C experience in the online advertising, SaaS, influencer marketing, digital media, and website operations industries, along with numerous marketing certifications from the Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management. As the vp of marketing at Rockbot, Fruy is responsible for everything from brand and product marketing to growth marketing and demand generation.