How to Identify the Best TV Content for Your Business

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There are a lot of factors to consider when managing or launching TV media at your business. For example, you need to choose the right TV provider, the best in-business locations for TVs, and the employees who will manage them.

One of the more difficult decisions you have to make is related to the media you show on your displays. In general, you should select content by matching it with your customer type and the energy of your business environment. This might sound easy, but it’s often easier said than done. 

To determine what kind of media you should be showing at your business, you should consider what best aligns with your industry and your customers’ experiences.

Mapping TV Content to Your Customer Experience

Here is a list of major business types and the best TV programming for those environments:

  • Restaurants

If your restaurant has a bar area, consider showing sports clips, movie trailers, and/or upbeat content that aligns with the overall theme. During the morning and other slower times, feature news content or viral videos. It can also be beneficial to use streaming TV in the dining area. When doing so, be sure to cater to your patrons when showing streaming TV and display family-friendly media if children are frequently at your restaurant.

  • Spas and Salons

Relaxing content, such as views of nature or beaches, is key for spa environments. On the other hand, popular lifestyle content such as fashion shows is a better match for clients at salons.

  • Fitness Facilities

If you own a gym, your TVs are likely over the cardio machines. In this setting, every display should feature different media genres. For example, outdoor adventure videos could be playing next to health-focused programming. This gym TV setup is beneficial because customers can choose machines near the content that best aligns with their tastes.

  • Retail

The type of retail store you run will determine how you approach the content you choose to show. If you are selling TVs, showcase nature and scenery videos to highlight the TVs' resolution, brightness, and other technical details. If you are a clothing, general merchandise, or grocery store, display your own in-business ads and commercials. Smaller retailers will benefit from showcasing lifestyle or ambient content that aligns with their product offerings. For example, a homewares shop could feature cooking shows, and a swimwear boutique could display surfing videos or ambient beach scenes to help customers envision themselves using products in real-life scenarios.

  • Hotels

In hotel lobbies, consider the time of day when picking TV media. Play family-friendly content in the morning when there are likely more families and children in the lobby. If you have multiple TVs, select children’s programming for at least one hotel lobby TV and show lifestyle content or local programming on the others. Throughout the day, show the news, the weather, lifestyle content, children’s programming, or sports highlights. In the evening, the news or pop culture videos will probably be most suitable. Be sure to stay away from violent or political content — this content may upset some guests.

  • Airports

Airport waiting areas should never showcase politics or violence. Instead, stick to content lifestyle programs, weather reports, cooking shows, nature channels, children’s programming, and other family-friendly content. For the best experience in public environments like these, work with a streaming service that can curate TV content to avoid any unexpected or unsettling imagery in your public spaces.

  • Casinos

Sports media of all kinds dominate the walls of casinos. High-energy entertainment, fashion, and gambling content can also be featured in the majority of casino areas. However, if your casino has on-site spas, salons, or other venues, refer to this list's most relevant section for media recommendations.

  • Automotive Services

Most people watching TV at auto businesses are waiting for their cars. Featuring automotive content can keep customers thinking about cars, upgrades, and potential add-ons. Alternatively, quick-bite content like action clips or funny videos is successful in these locations because they make the time go by faster.

  • Corporate Offices and Financial Services

The purpose of TVs in corporate offices and financial services is usually to share information or create a relaxing ambiance. Peaceful scenes of beaches, landscapes, and nature clips are best suited for office TVs. When messaging is important, you can schedule content to appear at specific dates and times to ensure visibility by staff members or patrons.

  • Healthcare Organizations

Patrons may be stressed or impatient in healthcare waiting rooms. For this reason, the best waiting room TV programming is generally relaxing, showcasing beaches, landscapes, and nature clips. Cooking shows and other lifestyle content are also good options because they provide entertainment and help the time go by faster. 

  • Educational Institutions

Depending on the type of educational facility you run as well as its specific location on campus, there are several TV media options to consider showing. Dining halls and lounges will benefit from quick clips like action videos or funny internet videos. Residence hall lobbies will benefit from upbeat, fun, active content that typically is more energetic through the evening hours.

  • Multiunit Residential Buildings

Because people normally just pass through apartment building lobbies, a lobby TV display should show quick clips of nature, action videos, or travel imagery to complement the environment. Long-form content and programs aren’t a good choice. Also, consider customizing content to align with the tone/feel of additional spaces within the building like the fitness center, pool, or general common area.

TV is a great way to engage your customers. When content is thoughtfully planned and executed, it can help drive purchases, create better brand recognition, and help you retain repeat customers. The guide above is just a starting point for what you can do with TV at your business. Paired with advertising, audio messaging, music, or digital signage, it can create an immersive in-business experience that your guests will love.

Deciding on the best TV programming for your business can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Rockbot is here to help you pick and curate the perfect content programming for your business’s TV experience.

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Sarah Fruy is an entrepreneurial marketing executive with nearly 20 years of B2B and B2C experience in the online advertising, SaaS, influencer marketing, digital media, and website operations industries, along with numerous marketing certifications from the Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management. As the vp of marketing at Rockbot, Fruy is responsible for everything from brand and product marketing to growth marketing and demand generation.