Your 2015 Restaurant Resources Round Up | From Beacon Implementation to Social Media Tactics

January 2016


2015 was a break-through year for restaurant technology! Over the course of the year we created a number of restaurant resources to help you through all of these major changes. From implementing beacon technology to developing a local social media strategy, we covered the most crucial topics to help you make sure your time is used as efficiently as possible. Categorized by what you're interested in, below you can find the most popular restaurant resources from 2015:

If you're interested in beacons,

Beacons and the Personalization of On-Premise ExperienceLearn how today's smartest chains are leveraging beacon technology to engage guests, measure customer behavior, and enhance marketing and IT programs.

If you're interested in mobile,

Masters of Mobile, Spotlight on Bagger Dave's: Learn how one large restaurant chain built out a successful mobile app by using a slow, cautious roll-out, integrating third-parties and evaluating the customer journey!

To App or Not to App?Learn how to understand today's appetite for apps and decide whether your brand will benefit more from its own app or a stronger presence on popular platforms.

If you're interested in social media tactics,

Local Social Media Tactics for Fast Casual Restaurant Brands: Learn how today's growing restaurant giants are utilizing local social tactics to launch franchise locations in new markets, and get a free social media calendar for restaurants.

If you're interested in how your customers want to be engaged,

How do my Consumers Want to be Engaged?As IT professionals, we are constantly looking for the right mix of entertainment technology for our customers. With so many tools at our disposal it can be tough to know which will work for your customers. Learn about the study that Technomic ran, which asked a representative sample of restaurant consumers how they actually want to be entertained!

If you're interested in restaurant technologies big in 2015,

Restaurant Technology Buyer's Guide 2015: Get ready for the biggest year to date in innovation. Discover which nine restaurant technologies--and 39 products--are reaching widespread adoption by brands and consumers in 2015.* 

So, there it is! Our most popular restaurant resources from 2015. Have certain topics you would like covered? Comment below to give us your input! We hope you had a great year and look forward to helping the restaurant industry continue to improve. As always, for 1 email a week with even more restaurant industry news and help articles, click below to subscribe!

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*Restaurant Technology Buyer's Guide will soon be updated

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