UFC on Rockbot TV is Landing All the Punches

Picture of Tim Hines

This past weekend, UFC Fight 252 closed the door on an epic trilogy between two champion fighters - Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier. If you missed the fight or don’t know much about the athletes, Rockbot has you covered with action-packed highlights and more. Don’t worry, no spoilers in this blog!

The UFC Channel, available on Rockbot TV, showcases behind-the-scenes access to how the athletes trained for the main event, stories of the contenders, history of the fighters, archived main event footage, best knockout reels, and more! 

Even after the fights, the UFC Channel will continue to feature top highlights, fight previews and trailers, biggest hit clips, weigh-ins, and more UFC content perfect for your venue.

With the future of sports being uncertain in 2020, UFC was first to bring sports back much to the satisfaction of bars, restaurants, other sports-friendly businesses around the country. UFC has continued to find safe and effective ways to provide entertainment to fans and Rockbot is proud to partner with such a respectable organization. We hope that you and your patrons enjoy the UFC Channel just as much as we do!

Visit rockbot.com/tv to learn more about the UFC Channel as well as additional great sports content available on Rockbot TV. If you’re a current Rockbot customer, log in to your Rockbot dashboard and add the UFC Channel.