SeatMe vs. OpenTable: The Best Restaurant Reservation Services

By Masen Ewald
March 20, 2016

As you know, many restaurant reservation services want to make it easier for a) customers to pick restaurants and make reservations, and b) restaurants to fill seats and better manage those reservations. While services like OpenTable, include...
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5 Reasons Restaurants Should Accept Mobile Payments

By Kristen Gramigna
January 23, 2015

Still of the mindset that your business is doing just fine accepting traditional payment methods, which may include cash only, or an affixed point-of-sale system? The following perspectives underscore how much of an impact mobile payments can stand...
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2015 Restaurant Technology Buyer's Guide

By Masen Ewald
January 16, 2015

Over the past year, Rockbot has closely monitored the growth, development and deployment of new tech trends to help the industry’s leading brands adopt systems that actually impact their business. The result is our 2015 Restaurant Technology Buyer's...
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Do More Than Fill Dead Air: Put On-Premise Music To Work For Your Brand

By Christopher Ezell
November 07, 2014

Forward-thinking casual restaurant brands are increasingly developing branded social and mobile applications to enrich customer experience, increase engagement, and ultimately gain a competitive edge. From valet parking, reservations and coupons to...
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ASCAP and Music Licensing for Restaurants

By Garrett Dodge
November 01, 2014

At Rockbot, we are big believers in supporting the artists that create the great music for our businesses.  Many bar and restaurant owners are unaware of the licensing organizations they should be paying for the performance of music in their...
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9 Tips to Improve Small Business Through Yelp Trends

By Jason Chen
August 20, 2014

Food publications love to tell you about new trends, whether it’s Sriracha recipes or cocktails based on seasonal fruits such as watermelon. If you’ve ever wondered whether these trends are popular with the kids or just industry invented, Yelp has...
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7 Essential Tips For Opening a Hookah Bar

By Connie Lin
May 07, 2014

The best hookah bars are a great destination not only for shisha smokers, but also for anyone looking to relax in a laidback environment, hear some good music and escape the typical sports bar or club scenes. In order to strike the delicate balance...
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The Evolution of the Jukebox: Top 15 Moments in Jukebox History

By Lara Rosenbaum
April 14, 2014

What happened to the jukebox? You remember it: the giant machine in the corner of the pizza joint, its glass smeared and scratched from eager music-loving hands, the pages of oldies and top-40 hits that you flipped through with your friends. It was...
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Let Guests DJ Your Events with their Smartphones

By Lara Rosenbaum
January 12, 2014

SXSW, the music, film and these days, just-about-everything festival is around the corner, March 7-14, and Rockbot will again be one of the best opportunities for event music entertainment. In 2013, Rockbot was named the best music tech company at...
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Going Digital: The Latest Bar and Restaurant Technology Trends for 2014

By Lara Rosenbaum
December 23, 2013

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