Let Guests DJ Your Events with their Smartphones

By Lara Rosenbaum
January 12, 2014

SXSW, the music, film and these days, just-about-everything festival is around the corner, March 7-14, and Rockbot will again be one of the best opportunities for event music entertainment. In 2013, Rockbot was named the best music tech company at...
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Savvy Barbershop Marketing - Learn From The Famous "Bolt Barbers"

By Masen Ewald
January 11, 2013

Savvy Barbershop Marketing In LA Bolt Barbers is far more than a place to get your hair cut. It is an experience to remember and cherish, making it one of the best authentic cut & shave spots in all of Los Angeles. Even though, in today’s world, the...
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