The Ultimate Music Playlists for Dads and Grads: Elevate Your Business Atmosphere

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As June commences and begins to usher in the arrival of summer, you’re going to hear the combined term “dads and grads” a lot. The intention, of course, is to commemorate both the accomplishments of scholarly graduates and the joy of fatherhood. The common thread? Learning and teaching. Receiving that diploma means you endured waking up early, studying late, and achieving goals that pave the way to your chosen career. And when Dad takes a break from telling Dad jokes, he’s likely to reinforce and perhaps even embellish those school lessons.

Rockbot is here to help you celebrate with the perfect music playlists for businesses. Whether you're honoring graduates or celebrating dads, our curated playlists will create the ideal atmosphere for your customers.

graduation music for businesses


Grad Playlists for Business

Teen Pop Playlist: Embrace Youthful Energy

Graduation ends the school year and summer vacation joyously begins so on that note, Teen Pop is a great playlist to feel that youthful flow with A-plus artists such as Olivia Rodrigo, Justin Timberlake, and Rihanna. These mid to high-tempo chart-topping songs keep the energy positive and vibrant, perfect for any business looking to attract a youthful crowd.

Classic Rock Playlist: Nostalgic Vibes

Alice Cooper once declared “School’s Out” so for those long-ago grads, the playlist Classic Rock will bring back old-school vibes with Bruce Springsteen, Queen, and U2 also bringing the noise.  Rock anthems galore invoke a cool, rebellious energy.

Father’s Day music for businesses


Dad Playlist for Business

Gameday Playlist: Pump Up the Jams

As children take up a lot of time, many dads shift from participants to spectators in the world of sports. The NBA finals, the Stanley Cup finals, and golf’s US Open are among the big sporting events taking place and our Gameday Playlist pumps up the dad jams with artists such as Imagine Dragons, Usher, and the Rolling Stones.

Adult Contemporary Playlist: Relax and Recharge

But what dads really want is to just kick back and relax…recharge those batteries so they can spend the rest of the summer making sure the front door is closed so as not to air condition the entire neighborhood.  Speaking of AC, it stands for Adult Contemporary, which is an ideal playlist to feel comfortable and familiar. Goo Goo Dolls, Billy Joel, and Harry Styles have the songs that Dad will sing along to in that new tie he just got.  

Father’s Day Playlist: Celebrate Dad

Our Father's Day Playlist is tailored specifically for dads, featuring Tom Petty, Coldplay, and Fleetwood Mac. This music pairs well with flipping a burger on the barbecue or serving one up at your restaurant.


Create the Perfect Environment with Rockbot

The versatility of Rockbot music playlists allows businesses to create the perfect environment.  Dads and grads deserve the best and we’ve got the Music, TV, and Digital Signage to help them celebrate and be celebrated. Contact us today to learn more about how Rockbot can enhance your business environment.

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Eric Martinez has had a passion for music ever since his parents gave him Beatles records to play on his Fisher Price turntable. Growing up in Miami, FL, Eric became a house-party DJ when he realized it was a great way to maintain an active social life. Subsequently, he met Les Garland, the DJ voice on Starship’s “We Built This City” and the original programmer for MTV and VH1. Garland hired Eric to do music programming for The Box Music Network, the world’s first interactive music video channel. A move to New York City got Eric involved with, an award-winning music and anime website founded by industry legend Chris Blackwell. Longing for the warmth and sunshine of South Florida, Eric returned to help launch The Tube Music Network, an all-music channel blending classic and current artists, which quickly rolled out to 20 million cable homes. Eric joined Rockbot in 2021 eager to apply his 20+ years of programming experience and that lifelong passion for music.