Rockbot TV has the Best of College Football this Season

Picture of Beau Dixon

College football is back! Every week there are a plethora of games airing across the nation, making it nearly impossible to show them all at bars, restaurants, casinos and other sports-minded businesses. 

That’s why we’re providing all of the best sports highlights from last week’s games on our college sports channels including popular condensed games.

Condensed games are one of the best sports types of sports programs available for businesses. These shortened replays keep the action going by removing time between snaps, injury timeouts, and any transitional or non-action parts of the game. This enables fun and fast football viewing, which keep viewers glued to the screen.

Here are just a few of the exciting condensed football games currently airing on Rockbot TV:

  • The Pitt Panthers improved to 2-0 with a 21-10 win over the Syracuse Orange in Week 2 of college football. The Pitt defense tallied 7 sacks, intercepted 1 pass, and recovered a fumble.
  • The North Carolina State Wolfpack won their opening game of the year, defeating the Wake Forest Demon Deacons 45-42 in a shootout in Raleigh.
  • Miami vs. Louisville: The Hurricanes went on the road and defeated the Cardinals 47-34 in this action-packed college football game.

And so much more to come from our sports channels...

On the west coast, with the PAC-12 football season currently on-hold, no new games are being played - but that doesn’t mean great content from past seasons can’t be shared! Rockbot TV subscribers get access to awesome content from the PAC-12 Digital Network that includes highlights, player profiles, plus current videos from athletes adapting to today’s socially distant environment.

On the east coast, with football season in full swing, you will never have to miss the big play again. ACC Digital Network video content is updated daily with all the best highlights and game recaps.

Visit to learn more about our college sports programming and other great sports content. If you’re a current Rockbot TV customer, simply log into your Rockbot dashboard and add the college sports channels to your station.