Strike Gold with St. Patrick’s Day Playlists for Bars and Restaurants

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This weekend brings the day of green and good luck – AKA, St. Patrick’s Day. Get decked out your finest emerald threads and try your luck with millions of celebrators across the globe. If you are a Rockbot TV subscriber, you can add to the festive vibes by scheduling programming from our travel channels so patrons can be transported to the historic castles and beautiful countryside of Ireland or serve up some Irish-themed cooking content from our food channels. Additionally, the Rockbot music library features three distinct Irish-themed playlists crafted by Rockbot Music Curators. Stream the Rockbot music playlists and tap into the luck of the Irish at your business.


Curated St. Patrick's Day Music for Bars & Restaurants

Rockbot’s ‘St. Patrick’s Day’ playlist is a go-to soundtrack for the holiday. This Irish music playlist features anthems, festive folk songs, and sing-along party tunes including hits from Hozier, Flogging Molly, Ed Sheeran, and Gaelic Storm. This list is ideal for bar and restaurant crowds seeking recognizable, upbeat holiday tracks and chart-toppers alike. 

The ‘Irish Pub Rock’ playlist is chock-full of high-energy Celtic rock, punk, jigs, shanties, and drinking anthems. Featuring more rock and less pop, this playlist will keep party-goers and business owners energized and alert. Samples from an earlier version of this playlist can be streamed at The Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Playlist for Bars and Restaurants post, or stream from the Rockbot Dashboard and recreate the ambiance of an authentic Irish pub.

The ‘Celtic Chill’ playlist represents the flip side of Celtic artistry. Stream and discover relaxing folk instrumentals from traditional Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and Breton musicians. Featured artists include John Whelan, William Coulter, and Mychal Danna. These soulful, sincere instrumental tracks will bring a sense of serenity, connection, and reflection to businesses.

With a variety of energy levels, lyrics ratings, and genres to choose from – utilize Rockbot’s curated music playlists and Irish themed TV content to strike gold at your business on St. Patrick’s Day. For a custom playlist, contact the Rockbot Music Curators via the Customer Support team. Have a safe and joyous holiday!

Khushi Ramlogun

Khushi Ramlogun is an Assistant Music Curator at Rockbot. She is based in New York City. Khushi came to Rockbot with a background in music marketing, A&R, sync licensing and on-air broadcast. She frequently attends festivals and local concerts - this year that includes SXSW on behalf of Rockbot. Khushi is passionate about keeping Rockbot clients up-to-date on what’s available on the platform, as well as discovering and importing new music selections into the system. Connect with her on LinkedIn: