Rockbot Employee Spotlight: Dallas Osborn, Head of Music Curation

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Introducing Dallas Osborn, the driving force behind Rockbot's unparalleled music curation services. As the Head of Music Curation, Dallas is the architect of brand-centric music strategies that resonate deeply with our brick-and-mortar clients. With a proven track record of crafting bespoke playlists that enhance brand identities, Dallas brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to his role. Join us as we explore the journey of Dallas’s career, uncovering the strategic insights and innovative approaches that define his leadership at Rockbot and throughout the music industry.

Dallas Osborn interviewing Hozier

  • What are your favorite music curation projects to work on?

My favorite curation projects are ones where brands trust me and our Music Curation Team to be the minds behind their brand sound. The ones where we build robust lists from scratch and dictate what plays at what times, what plays in which regions, and what the growth of these playlists and stations will look like over time.

  • Who are some of your role models in your field?

Aaron Axelsen, longtime music director of LIVE 105 in San Francisco, current Program Director of FLOOD FM, and renowned tastemaker whom I’ve worked alongside for more than 15 years. Also, Kevin Weatherly, program director of KROQ in Los Angeles. 

  • What do you like most about being the Head of Music Curation?

Being able to expose people to music our curation team loves and turning customers on to music that they love.

  • What is your favorite part about working at Rockbot?

The people. From working in the office in the 2010s to working remotely since March 2020, the sense of connection and care for each other has been unmatched anywhere else.

Dallas Osborn interviewing Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus of Blink-182
  • What has been the most exciting part of your career so far?

The most exciting part of my career has been all the time and effort we put into the Walmart account from music curation to product efforts. It’s rewarding to see the best work across multiple departments lead to a major win for Rockbot.

  • What has been the most challenging part of your career so far?

Finding time to give every one of our hundreds of playlists the attention they deserve. We’ve done a great job of making sure lists don’t grow stale, but even so, I’d like for them all to be maintained with equal effort. 

  • Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience working at Rockbot or your career in general?

We’re a team that’s grown exponentially since I started in 2012, while still one that’s lean and mean. There’s a passion for providing our customers with the best experience across all departments.

Dallas Osborn with TreCool

Dallas Osborn stands as a testament to Rockbot's commitment to delivering exceptional in-location media solutions through the power of music. His strategic vision and meticulous attention to detail ensure our clients receive curated music playlists that elevate their brand experiences. As Rockbot continues to revolutionize the media landscape, Dallas remains at the forefront, shaping the future of music curation with ingenuity and dedication. Let us applaud Dallas Osborn, the mastermind behind the harmonies that resonate with brick-and-mortar businesses, their patrons, and employees.

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Sarah Fruy

Sarah Fruy is an entrepreneurial marketing executive with nearly 20 years of B2B and B2C experience in the online advertising, SaaS, influencer marketing, digital media, and website operations industries, along with numerous marketing certifications from the Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management. As the vp of marketing at Rockbot, Fruy is responsible for everything from brand and product marketing to growth marketing and demand generation.