Introducing Master's of Mobile: A Spotlight on Bagger Dave's

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You're a large chain, your restaurant needs a mobile app, but the stats on success rates of branded mobile apps are not encouraging. Restaurants are faced with this challenge every day. How do they beat the status quo with their mobile app? 

Because this is such a huge challenge across the industry, we created a series called Master's of Mobile where we highlight the smartest mobile strategies in the industry and share their secrets so you can benefit. Our first spotlight features the Bagger Dave's restaurant mobile app, their launch strategy and how they were able to use third-party services to make their app sticky throughout the entire customer journey.



Here is a little taste of what you can expect to read in our Master's of Mobile Report:

"You know it by now -- the hard truth that over 80% of today's restaurant mobile apps ultimately fail. This is especially true of branded restaurant apps. While some may appear to succeed in reaching a number of downloads (typically after a coordinated launch, paid promotion and a sweepstakes), in the end they will be forgotten, deleted, criticized, or rated "2 stars out of 5" by their users. They do not achieve active usage, organic growth in downloads or high ratings in the app stores, even from their most loyal customers. So, growing restaurant brands, like Bagger Dave's have faced a major challenge. Those that have become household names -- whether regionally or worldwide -- do need a restaurant mobile app, unlike smaller chains and independent operators. While the average ROI may be discouraging, these brands cannot run the risk of being absent in the app stores and appearing out of touch in the minds of today's smartphone consumers..."

To continue reading, download the full report below!


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