Elevate Your Halloween Vibe with Rockbot's Spooktacular Music Playlists and TV Channels

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The start of the spooky season is here, with cobwebs being spun at nearly every corner! Rockbot offers a variety of expertly-curated music playlists and video channels to complement the Halloween in-store experience. Feel the holiday spirit with suggested pairings of seasonal music and video content shared by Rockbot curators.



Perfect Pairings for Creepy Content

For customers seeking a variety of Halloween content in-stores, Rockbot’s Halloween Mix Playlist and Seasonal Ambient are a recommended pair. This programming will enhance the physical space with essential Halloween hits and eclectic tunes — complementing the video selections of candy factory tours, home decor ideas and festive food themes. Featured songs include “Black Magic Woman” by Fleetwood Mac and “Frankenstein” by Rina Sawayama.

Another programming option is Rockbot’s Halloween Instrumentals Playlist and the Seasonal Ambient Channel. Both programs create an immersive and atmospheric in-location experience. The Halloween Instrumentals Playlist’s haunting synths and eerie movie scores can seamlessly soundtrack video channels streaming animated jack-o’-lanterns, haunted mansions, and ghostly pirate ships. Featured artists include Dance with the Dead and Rezz.

Fun for the Whole Family

Customers interested in playful and energized content can program the Rockbot Halloween Family-Friendly Playlist and the Rockbot Viral Video Channel. As the name suggests, the Halloween Family-Friendly list is safe and appropriate for all ages. Recognizable ear-worms, costume character theme songs, and eye-catching viral videos will keep customers engaged and amused for hours. Featured tracks include “Cruella De Vil” by Selena Gomez and “Alice” by Lady Gaga. Videos include family-friendly tricks, trending costumes, and laugh-out-loud moments.

Along with the recommended content, Rockbot always encourages customers to experiment and schedule their own, unique programming. 100% scheduling customization is one of Rockbot’s greatest features. Rockbot’s Digital Signage product can also be utilized to enhance the Halloween experience. Customers can use Canva to create original, on-brand Halloween graphics. Take advantage of all that Rockbot has to offer and tap into creativity in the in-store space. Deliver customers a sweet treat — just in time for Halloween.

Khushi Ramlogun

Khushi Ramlogun is an Assistant Music Curator at Rockbot. She is based in New York City. Khushi came to Rockbot with a background in music marketing, A&R, sync licensing and on-air broadcast. She frequently attends festivals and local concerts - this year that includes SXSW on behalf of Rockbot. Khushi is passionate about keeping Rockbot clients up-to-date on what’s available on the platform, as well as discovering and importing new music selections into the system. Connect with her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/khushiramlogun/