Small Business Promotion - Free Music Player For Businesses!

November 2012

To celebrate and support local business owners everywhere, our small business promotion offers you & your customers one of the greatest gifts of all -- MUSIC.

Small Business Saturday Promotion Customers Customers engage with Roqbot music playing at a local restaurant.

Small businesses across the U.S. have essentially built our Roqbot service themselves, as we’re constantly developing features based on their feedback and creating ways to promote their locations on social media. Now, it’s our chance to give back with an exclusive Small Business promotion!

We know that most small businesses want to play customized & licensed music, but don’t always have the extra time or budget to invest. We’ve also realized that broken iPods, stolen iPads, and a staff member’s smartphone are too inconvenient to maintain and, ultimately, unfit for business. We agree, and for the holiday season, we’re gift-wrapping the solution to this problem in a big deal for small businesses!

Roqbot’s small business promotion!

Replace your iPod, Pandora, or other device with the Best Music Player For Businesses -- a $350 retail value -- for FREE.

Small Business Saturday Promotion Device Our custom music player is the best in the business, and sets up quickly in 5 minutes.

Small Businesses will receive the Custom Music Player (a $350 retail value) for free when they switch to Roqbot’s fully licensed business music service and pre-pay just 3 months at $24.95/month. That’s only $75 for a $425 value, or put simply -- 82% off.

Want more info? Call us today at 415-813-6020 ext. 4, or enter your contact info here so we can reach you directly. We'll be offering the deal through December 31, 2012.


Why switch to Roqbot?

What Spotify is to consumers, Roqbot is to businesses. With over 7 million songs, Roqbot delivers a customized sound to your business and engages your customers directly with a fun mobile app experience, so they stay longer, purchase more, and share your location on social media.

Roqbot is backed by Google, fully licensed for business with ASCAP, BMI & SESAC, and rocking now in stores, restaurants, bars, gyms, cafes, and other businesses across the U.S.

Learn more about Roqbot here, or call us today at 415-813-6020, ext. 4 for an introduction. Happy Holidays from the Roqbot team! We wish you and your business all the best this season.

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