How Small Business Blogs Boost Your Marketing 101

July 2013

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How Small Business Blogs Boost Your Marketing

All small businesses that want to be discovered online should have a blog. They really should. Small business blogs are a smart, fun, and effective way to dramatically improve your rank in search engines, inform customers of new products and deals, and target new customers that are already searching for a variety of topics related to your business. Small business owners can create a WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr for free, where they can then filter information (both original and repurposed). In this way, your small business can become a resource and a source of information in your distinct field.

For example, if you have a restaurant, creating and maintaining small business blogs with recipes, pictures, videos and interviews relating to the restaurant, can give people an outlet of engagement with your brand and keep them coming back for more. Because in essence, through blogging on your own, you are creating a brand that could, if executed in the correct fashion, become a vital force on the Internet of creativity and information. You'll also attract new customers that are search for restaurants and recipes in your city.


SEO best practices should be used on small business blogs in order to assure that the correct people find them online. Then, these blogs should be filtered through your social media networks so that the loyal followers you already have, have access to the information and feel like they are, in a sense, part of your creative process!

Rockbot's business music service has used this approach since the beginning with bar & restaurant owner blog. We’re giving small businesses an outlet to come for information relating to their specific interests, whether technological or musical. We also support the companies that feature Rockbot in their locations, by writing features on them. This is a way to support our partnerships in a creative and interesting way!

Blogging can be a fun and easy way to boost your marketing presence online and develop a following of people who’re genuinely interested in the resources you could provide for them, and what you have the say. It also allows you to develop a brand, a voice and a style surrounding your small business.

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Take a look at these additional tips on how to get started with your own small business blogs. Then, when you're ready for more marketing power, check out how mobile apps like Rockbot engage your customers, drive traffic, and boost small business sales.

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