The Scoop on Rockbot DJ Levels

Picture of Lara Rosenbaum

So you want to know what it takes to be a Rockbot DJ? A love for music and the desire to share it. Here’s the inside scoop on elevating your Rockbot DJ level even higher:


A High DJ Level Gives Your Music Priority

>One of the best ways to score a higher DJ level and play your music sooner is by sharing your picks and getting other users to like and up-vote them. (Only votes made by others, count.) Rockbot rewards solid song choices.

>Increase your number of check-ins and music picks. Rockbot increases DJ level based on the number of picks made, number of check-ins and number of likes. The entire combo affects how soon your songs will play.

>Stay active and keep choosing songs. Rockbot looks at 120 days of activity, so if you stop using the service, your DJ level goes down.