Mobile Apps: The Simple Solution To Improving Your Business

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Are you looking for innovative ways to grow your business? In the age of mobile apps, we'd like to show you how and why it has never been this easy.

The mobile app revolution has already begun, and if you haven't already, now is the perfect time to get involved. From interactive games to GPS navigation, there is currently an app for just about everything. In the business world and for small business owners, in particular, this translates into more opportunities for reaching your customers and for providing a variety of simple solutions that can quickly improve your business!

We invite you to explore Roqbot and the wide range of other business apps that may be right for you. Here are a few examples of mobile apps that we have found to be most helpful:

HootSuite -- A social media application, which enables you to monitor and update multiple social media networks at once. HootSuite provides an easy to use platform, and is a great way to boost your social media marketing campaign and boost your online presence even when you're on the go!

-- A downloadable business phone system that can affordably mobilize your business in minutes! Office@Hand delivers a complete phone package that connects all your employees no matter their locations, and can give any small business more flexibility and the capacity to run smoother without the expensive IT costs and extensive setup time.

WebEx -- A mobile conferencing program that allows you to partake in meetings from wherever you are. With WebEx, you can share documents, conduct presentations, and video conference with anyone all from your mobile device!

We are here to help you recognize the current value of mobile apps and how they can immediately impact your business's productivity, efficiency, and customer experience. If you are interested in learning more about mobile apps like Roqbot, please contact us at and we will be happy to guide you!

Masen Ewald

Masen leads marketing at Rockbot, an all-in-one entertainment platform for restaurants and other businesses. He studied digital communication at Northwestern University, helped build the content marketing practice at the world's largest PR firm, and holds expertise is in mobile technology, customer engagement, and brand entertainment.