Rockbot and AccuWeather Partner to Provide Businesses with Engaging Weather TV Content

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Live weather content belongs on screen in places of business.

We have all sat in the doctor's office waiting room for an extended period only to be met with a TV talk show playing on mute with no captions. As a patient, this is not an ideal experience. In 2023, business owners have more opportunities than ever to provide their in-location customers with more relevant, engaging, and entertaining TV content.

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Live weather from AccuWeather NOW powered by Rockbot is now available for places of business. This live weather content is non-divisive and inclusive of all, meaning no matter where you live or your demographic, this TV content resonates and adds value to the end-viewer: your patrons.

Weather programming is often referred to as common ground content which is specific and applicable content programming that appeals to a diverse mass audience. There are large, diverse sets of patrons from all walks of life traversing through places of business such as airports, gyms, amusement parks, salons, retail locations, and more. One tactic to appeal to such a diverse group of customers includes scheduling live weather content on television screens for consumers on the go.

From predicting the path of the next storm to confirming blue skies at your next travel destination, AccuWeather NOW content appeals to a wide set of viewers while continuing to rank highest among industry peers. Modern-day weather programming mixes traditional weather updates with original, creative TV content including user-generated videos.  

Live weather content from AccuWeather NOW also includes reports and updates from professional meteorologists who have the prestigious AMS seal of certification. Green screen weather updates include local, regional, and national temperatures, due points, wind speeds, upcoming forecasts, and relevant weather data points. The content programming also includes live radar with future predictions, short and long-form weather segments, and coverage of applicable seasonal events. This weather content can help complement a range of businesses while focusing on enhancing the customer experience through rich, positive, family-friendly videos. 

Places of Business That Can Benefit From Live Accuweather Now Programming 

Medical and Healthcare Facilities

From urgent care waiting areas to dentist offices, reducing stress and lowering anxiety are important considerations when scheduling content in these locations. 

Weather programming is a great choice for healthcare waiting rooms, as the content is informative, and typically avoids any potentially upsetting themes that are seen in standard news.

Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU)

In shared community areas, live weather content keeps new and existing residents informed and entertained while entering the building or waiting for the elevator. Weather content keeps residents up to date on current and upcoming conditions while maintaining digital relevancy at each MDU property. 

Colleges and Universities

Student unions and dormitory common areas utilize live weather programming to educate college students on current weather conditions, both near and far from campus. Students come from different hometowns in different states and weather programming covers conditions across all parts of the country.

Hotels, Entertainment Venues, and Casinos

Hotel check-in areas, taxi/limo waiting zones, and places with long lines are prime areas where weather content provides value to viewers. When consumers visit destination locations, understanding incoming weather helps guests prepare for the day. From bringing a warm sweater to leaving the rain jacket in the room, weather programming adds value to consumers inside hotels, casinos, amusement parks, or other high-impact entertainment venues. 

Restaurants, Fast Casual Establishments, and Bars

Dining rooms and seating waiting areas utilize weather programming – specifically 

the bite-sized pieces of content that are meant to be easily digestible by viewers. With channels routinely updating throughout the day, content is always fresh and up to date. Airing AccuWeather NOW powered by Rockbot helps restaurants save money as weather programming is available for only a fraction of the cost of cable or satellite TV packages.

Gyms and Fitness Facilities

Anytime during the day, the gym is a perfect place to strengthen physical and mental attributes. Television screens in key areas of fitness centers air weather programming to provide continuous 24/7 weather coverage so no matter what time patrons exercise, they will be informed of the weather happening around them.

Airports, Transit Hubs, and Government Buildings

From airport gate-holding areas to the local DMV, visitors typically have extended dwell times when in transit. These locations provide the perfect opportunity to provide travel forecasts and weather updates to viewers who have to wait. From conditions in the current city to temperatures at a final destination, understanding the weather is a topic on most travelers' minds. Even at the local bureau of motor vehicles, live weather distracts those waiting in line while helping reduce perceived wait times to get a driver's license renewed.

It is challenging to please every viewer, but common ground content positively resonates with mass out-of-home viewing audiences. Weather programming provides an immediate value-add for businesses of all sizes. AccuWeather NOW is available on Rockbot Dashboards everywhere today so that viewers in every business can enjoy weather content. 


About the Author

Brian Elles is the Director of Visual Services at Rockbot where he oversees content strategy, content partnerships, and creative media campaigns for brands and their retail media network. Brian has previously worked as a Marketing Producer in broadcast television (CBS) and has since programmed tens of thousands of screens in places of businesses across the nation. Today, Brian’s work can be seen in the largest retailers, airports, fitness centers, healthcare environments, and colleges/universities across the country. He continues to uncover and enhance underserved areas in businesses with appropriate video content that is applicable to specific industries and their target audiences. Feel free to contact Brian via email at