"We Know When You've Been Sleeping" and Other Strange Ways Rockbot is Exactly Like Santa...

December 2015

Rockbot is in the business of providing you with in store music that your customers actually like! There is a lot going on behind the scenes to make this happen and we're here to help you understand how it all comes together. In the spirit of the holidays we decided on an easy little analogy.... Santa Clause.



First, why is music important to my brand?

In store music is a necessary part of the experience for all customer facing venues - bars, restaurants, gyms, retail locations etc. Unfortunately, like most things, you're more likely to hear about your music choices when they are not to the customer's liking than when they are. These complaints will come in the form of tweets, facebook comments or yelp reviews and for many stores, there will be nothing you can do about it besides apologize. After all, your music is being controlled by whichever employee hooks up their ipod, Pandora's algorithim or another provider you put in place years ago that you haven't taken a good look at since. It's time to put music back in your control.

Music is important in many ways. Below is just a start:

1. It helps you build your brand and shapes your brand identity

2. It is relateable for customers of any age, demographic or racial background

3. It has an effect on the brain that can cause customers to stay longer, drink/eat more and spend more money

4. It's a tool you can use outside of your stores to drive a buzz

So, how does Rockbot give you a voice through music that you can count on day after day? Well, we've channeled our inner Santa to help you understand:

1. Just like Santa, "we know when you've been sleeping": Rockbot recognizes who is at your bar, and stops considering the needs of people who have left to sleep. It takes into consideration all of the likes, upvotes and song picks any customer at your bar, with the Rockbot app, has ever made. Essentially, we are creating a music profile for the patrons in your bar, playing songs and genre's we know they like, in real time, all behind the scenes. You no longer need to think about how you are mantaining your playlists.

2. Just like Santa Delivers Presents, we deliver the gift of new music: Our music database is updated every Friday with a mass upload of new releases from the week before. Our curation team will also be working behind the scenes to update playlists on a regular basis so you're always hearing something fresh. No one likes stale music.

3. The Rockbot support team work just like Santa's Elves: We are available every single day, nearly all hours of the day, to make sure our product is up and running for our customers. Our support team goes above and beyond, being known for making house calls, sending hand written holiday cards and giving great advice on speaker placement and many other crucial topics necessary for your venues musical success!

4. Santa's sleigh travels at the speed of light to deliver presents and YOU can set up Rockbot at a similar speed to deliver better music: Did you know we got into a debate with one of our [now] customers about how fast they could set up Rockbot? They needed a solution they could deploy to multiple locations and wanted to make sure set up wouldn't be an issue. So, we did what any company would do. We sent him a Rockbot player and timed him :). Their General Manager set it up in 10 minutes flat. In the world of hardware set up time...10 minutes is basically the speed of light. Can you say plug and play? 

5. Rockbot has a "Naughty or Nice" List: Rockbot's Naughty or Nice list is created by YOU. We allow all of our customers the ability to customize their playlists in many different ways. Need some help customizing the parameters of your playlist? Our curation team can help you do that. We allow you to do things like, eliminate language that's not family friendly, include only certain genre's or build your list off of energy levels, and that's only the beginning. You will never need to worry about songs on your "naughty" list playing to your consumers. Rockbot takes care of that for you.

So, there you have it. Rockbot is almost, pretty much, basically, practically... ok, not at all like Santa. We hope you learned something new and leave with a smile on your face! A great holiday to all and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

Interested in learning more about Rockbot for your business? Have questions about your existing solution, speaker placement or current playlists? Click below to schedule a music consultation and learn more!

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