9 Restaurant Technology Predictions By Industry Experts In 2015

January 2015

You see them every year-- new restaurant technology predictions from industry publications and trusted thought-leaders like Ron Ruggless, Paul Barron, Aaron Allen, Brenda Rick Smith, and many others who live on the pulse of today's news and trends. In addition to their sound analysis, we thought it'd be enlightening to hear from the innovators themselves--the leaders of today's restaurant tech companies--and ask them one question: "What's next?"

If you find the predictions below helpful in envisioning your own technology goals, you may find the 2015 Restaurant Technology Buyer's Guide a valuable resource, which highlights the top five products in each of the nine categories below. Feel free to download your own copy of the report below. 

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1. On Managing Reservations...


“An 18-year-old armed with a 15-minute tutorial and an iPad becomes empowered to not only seize control of the host-stand, but to make significant improvements regarding how the restaurant anticipates, seats, and delights customers." 

- Ware Sykes, CEO of NoWait


2. On Streamlining Ordering and Delivery...


“While the fax and phone process has always worked well for restaurants, our in-restaurant tablet enables restaurants to process orders in just a few taps. The OrderHub has become a criIcal tool for restaurateurs.” 

- Matt Maloney, Founder of GrubHub


3. On Personalized Loyalty Programs...


“Because we know all their behavior, we can send customers unique messages at the right moment in time. 'Congrats on your second visit! Come back within a week and get 30% off!'" 

- Victor Ho, Founder of FiveStars


4. On Interactive Digital Signage...


“Tech-savvy restaurant brands are increasingly managing their own digital signage and customer experience by effectively updating their menus, promotions, and entertainment content on the fly.”

- Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign


5. On Customer Engagement and the Guest Experience...


“Today’s customers want to be entertained everywhere they go—and most of all, at restaurants with their friends. Brands know this and are looking for a way to engage their guests with more social and interactive entertainment."

- Garrett Dodge, Founder of Rockbot


6. On Integrating Online Marketing...


“Restaurants need to control the conversation that’s already happening about their establishments online...We empower them by letting them tell their own stories, beautifully and affordably.” 

- Carey Levine, Founder of MoPro


7. On Next-Generation POS & Operations...


“The next generaIon of POS extends beyond payment with a range of apps that solve everyday business needs – from tracking inventory to managing employees.” 

- Leonard Speiser, Founder of Clover


8. On Smarter Employee Management...


“Today’s employees rely on smartphones, text messages, and the web to connect with their work... Employers need scheduling software that fits into the busy lifestyle of today’s mobile worker.” 

- Chad Halvorson, Founder of When I Work 


9. On the Speed of Tabletop Tablet Ordering...


“The era of ‘Smart Dining’ has begun...and restaurants will need to whole-heartedly embrace it or risk their brands becoming stale. Consumers expect speed, convenience and modernity."

- Rajat Suri, CEO of E la Carte


Converting These Restaurant Technology Predictions into Action...

Maybe you see your customers every day, or maybe you're a brand executive who spends less time in the restaurant. Either way, you know today's customers--you know they're looking down at their smartphones, you know they're part of the social media generation, and you know they increasingly expect to interact with their experience, whether it's via Wi-Fi or your music. Consider taking the next step of understanding which restaurant technologies your brand needs to be aware of in 2015 by checking out the free report below. Then, set a goal to agree on next steps with your colleagues by the end of this quarter.

Let us know how we can help you and your team remain innovative 2015!

Grab Your Copy: 2015 Restaurant  Technology Buyer's Guide

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