15 Small Business Hashtags To Follow On Twitter

July 2013

small business hashtags

Small Business Hashtags to Follow on Twitter

SEO has become a true science in the social media and marketing worlds and it's now susceptible to the effect of small business hashtags. Read an intro to using small business hashtags here. But how do you know which keywords to use to increase your visibility on the web and make your time worthwhile in doing so? On Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest owners of bars, restaurants & stores are using small business hashtags to both categorize and discover new trends.

Why? To stay ahead of the curve and earn a few more customers each day than they would otherwise. Think of small business hashtags as bookmarks on the web & social media (most often on Twitter) that automatically collect and archive content on a particular topic. This allows you to search and find information that pertains to your specific needs and interests as an owner or marketer. Here are some examples of small business hashtags to follow and implement in your own practices!

#smallbiz, #smallbusiness

  • These hashtags automatically create a network, linking small businesses together in their own niche. These types of businesses should band together and help each other out. Try adding another hashtag to your search that specifies your small business type, for example: #bars for bars, #restaurants for restaurants, and so on.

hashtags for small business owners

#marketing, #mktg

  • Any new marketing trends or news can likely be found with marketing hashtags, and you can use the same hashtags to participate in the conversation or flag a trendsetting idea of your own. Use this hashtag to stay smart in the marketing department and see how your small business strategy stacks up.

#startups, #entrepreneurs, #innovation

  • If your small business is also considered a startup, you're part of a unique niche in the business world. Use this hashtag to learn best practices from other startups and meet influencers in this community. Twitter is an excellent platform for networking and hashtags can be used to grow, gain recognition, and elevate the visibility of you and your startup.

#sales, #shoplocal + #(your city)

  • If you’re having a sale this hashtag is key to spreading the word! Even if the average shopper isn't turning to Twitter for recommendations on sales and discounts (some are), often coupon sites, local magazines and bloggers will use the hashtag to share your promotions more widely with their audiences.

small biz hashtags

#jobs, #networking

  • If you're hiring, your mind might go directly to Craigslist or another site attracting job seekers. However, Twitter is also used by professionals to narrow their search. Post a job with the hashtag #jobs or #hiring or #networking, alongside the positionEspecially in the blustery economic climate of today’s world, when you’re hiring, including the keyword #jobs, can do wonders. People on the hunt for a job will find your post and respond with enthusiasm!

#mobile, #apps, #socialmedia

  • Everything is not only going digital, but moving into to mobile from POS to music for business. Soon enough the web will be taken over by apps. Many small businesses are creating app versions of their sites so that people can access information in a concise and on-the-go kind of way. Follow the advancements in #smallbiz or #smallbusiness #mobile #apps to see how your team can benefit.

These small business hashtags can be used across different social media platforms in order to network, engage and make the most of your time and effort online. They bring people together and make connections based on interest and relevance, and if used correctly, they can directly impact business.

music for small business

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